Bathroom Renovations


Bathrooms are one of the most intimate spaces in your home; you spend a lot of time in there. That’s why bathrooms must have space, functionality, and aesthetics that add value to your property. If your bathroom doesn’t have all these – you’d got to get your bathrooms a makeover!

At PJS Renovations, we take bathroom renovations very seriously. With a team of experts, we offer the best custom renovations and bathroom remodeling that compliments the style of your home and your choice!

Our Specialization

Tile installation

Full demolition & teardown

Repairs & maintenance

All plumbing & electrical services

Drywall, flooring (laminate and hardwood)

Plumbing & Flooring

Relocation of faucets and sinks

Custom electrical works


Why Choose Us?

With over decades worth of experience, we have already served hundreds of clients get their bathrooms renovated according to their own preference. We bring excellent designs and aesthetically pleasing bathroom remodelings without breaking your banks. We work with our clients ground-up, ensuring proper planning all the way through.

We also give high attention to details, making sure that the renovations look good and comfortable for long-term use. We also focus heavily on the functionality and hygiene of the bathrooms.

It doesn’t matter whether you opt for a traditional, modern or transitional style of bathrooms, we’ve got you covered. At PJS Renovations, we can work with your requirements and you can expect to overdeliver your expectations!

We provide detail-oriented, well created and designed work. Our renovations are completed within a reasonable amount of time to ensure quality without overstaying our welcome!

Our Specialty

When you’re thinking about bathroom renovations, we’re the experts in this field. We can expertly handle all your bathroom remodeling, rewiring, relocation of faucets, plumbing, flooring and custom cabinetry and ensure a sleek and modern feel to your bathrooms!

Turning your ordinary bathroom into a modern-day bathroom won’t certainly break your bank. In fact, it can cost way less than you might expect. At PJS Renovations, we work hard to bring you elegant bathroom renovation designs and aesthetics that suit your taste at affordable rates with the utmost quality of work!

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A team of expert home renovators specializing in kitchen & bathroom renovations

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